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Celebrate the end of orientation week with a bang! The Fresher's event is your chance to unwind, dance, and bond with your batch mates and seniors.

Let loose, have fun, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join i-TREAT, where freshers showcase teamwork, decorate, sell, and compete for profit. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience with dares and games!

ISBF Freshers Life

College Trip

Anticipate the most awaited event of the year!

The College Trip brings all three batches together for a memorable time. Enjoy the company of your seniors in a relaxed setting, explore exotic locations, and take part in exciting events and festivities. Get ready for unforgettable memories!

College Trip


Xenia, our flagship event, unites the ISBF community with love, enthusiasm, and energy.

Join us in celebrating LGBTQ rights, sustainability, and more!

Experience the late-night camaraderie as we make friends from different batches. Xenia is a melting pot of connections and unforgettable moments.



We’re your core council, your students’ union of the Indian school of business and finance. We’re a democratically led union, run by students, for students. As a student of ISBF, you are automatically a part of our family and it is our job to:

ISBF Lecture Room

Entertain You

By running a programme of events and activities

Virtual Learning Environment

Guide You

Make friends and learn new skills through our student societies

ISBF Library

Represent you

Raise your voice and help you drive change through our system

ISBF Conference Room

Support you

We offer support on well-being, academia and more

Core Council Team


Aryan Khanderia

Designation: President, Treasurer


Devayani Menon

Designation: Vice President


Sriniti Sivani

Designation: Secretary


Sarthak Gupta

Designation: Convener