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Business &

Learn business through a hands-on curriculum & graduate with a degree from the University of London while studying in India.

Top 5 Recognised teaching centre

LSE ranked 5th EMFSS

LSE ranked 4th in Accounting and Finance

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

bsc hons economics

Get an LSE Education: Study an LSE curriculum at the Business & Management programme that’s equivalent to BBA

GMAT & GRE Exemption: Get a waiver for GMAT & GRE when applying for Masters’ in USA & UK

A Holistic Curriculum: Develop an in-depth understanding of accounting, international business, marketing, finance

Transfer to LSE: Top students get a chance to transfer to LSE in their second year

Pick Industry Electives: Study an LSE curriculum at the Business & Management programme that’s equivalent to BBA

Interactive Learning: Study in an interactive classroom where you’re assessed through quizzes, hackathons & project presentations

Teaching Plan

Teaching Plan

The academic session for this programme will start with two weeks of Foundation Courses in Applied Mathematics, Logic and Statistics.


LSE Course Author

Course Information Sheet

Business & Management in a Global Context

L.P. Willcocks

PDF Link

Principles of Accounting

L.P. WillcocksD. Leiwy

PDF Link

Introduction to Economics

O. Birchall with D. Verry and M. Bray

PDF Link

Statistics 1

J.S. Abdey

PDF Link

Mathematics 1

M. Anthony

PDF Link

Core Management Concepts


LSE Course Author

Course Information Sheet

Organisation Theory

P. Abell

PDF Link

Electives – from courses being offered

Electives – from courses being offered

Electives – from courses being offered

1). Elements of Social & Applied Psychology

2). Management and Social Media

3). Human Resource Management

4). Marketing Management

5). Management & Innovation for e-Business

6). Entrepreneurship

7). Organization Theory

8). Financial Management

9). Principles of Banking & Finance

Hear from our Alumni

Hear from our Alumni

bsc hons economics

Diven Mehta

BSc (Hons) Business & Management,
Batch of 2015
1-year work placement, UBS Investment Bank, London
Assistant Business Development Manager, Cars24
Business Development Manager, Gold Leaf Naturals
The journey started with a lot of uncertainty, but eventually made me learn a lot. The experience of studying at ISBF has indeed transformed me into a mature individual.

Utsav Jain

BSc (Hons) Business & Management,
Batch of 2018
Assistant Manager, Student Relations, ISBF
The programme gave a holistic picture of how things work in the management world and a thorough knowledge of various fields of management. This course gave me confidence to choose from fields that interested me, be it marketing, HR, or being an entrepreneur. The course not only helps in professional development but also with the overall personal development of the students.

bsc hons economics
Your Path Forward

Your Path Forward

Postgraduate Destinations

With a well-rounded degree, you will have an edge over the others when applying for Masters’, internationally. You can pursue courses in the following domains:

Job Roles

The business & management programme at ISBF equips you with real-world skills that you can apply to the following career paths:

Admission Process


Complete the Online Application

Submit the application along with the required documents


Take the iMet

Take the ISBF entrane test (iMet) that assesses Your quantitative, comprehension & logical reasoning skill.


Personal Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the personal interview at the ISBf campus


To pursue this programme, you must have studied Mathematics up to Class X. There is no other stream or subject-related eligibility criterion. Strong argumentative writing skills are an advantage.
Tip: Choose this programme if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or looking for strong corporate career prospects.

Is this
programme right for me?

Talk to ISBF’s admissions’ team to understand if you are a good fit for this programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To pursue this programme, students must have studied Mathematics up to Class X.

We, at ISBF, believe excellence in anything increases your potential in everything. We are committed to academic excellence and strive to make achievement of such excellence a habit in our students.

Extending this notion of excellence to Extra-Curricular Activities, Co-Curricular Activities and Sports, we offer admissions under the ECA/CCA/Sports Category, for the LSE undergraduate programmes. Through this, we identify and nurture excellence in a wide array of activities.

Admission to ISBF is a 3-step process. The first step is to fill out the application form with all the required details. Next, you have to appear for the ISBF Entrance Test (iMET). Finally, the shortlisted students will have to appear for a Personal Interview.


Candidates who have obtained a composite SAT score of 1350 (within the 5-year validity period) or more will be exempted from iMET and will be invited directly for the Personal Interview.

iMET tests a candidate’s ability to reason logically, assimilate information meaningfully from multiple reading sources and apply concepts and techniques learnt in Mathematics up to Class X (based on the syllabi of the major Indian Boards).

For more clarity, candidates are advised to see the sample iMET question paper, along with its answer key and guidance on preparation. Click here to download the sample iMET question paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

While ISBF offers a degree from the University of London, which is not under UGC's jurisdiction, we provide an alternative degree from the School of Open Learning at Delhi University for those who prioritize UGC recognition. This degree is automatically conferred unless a student opts out. As the LSE courses cover all necessary academic requirements, there is no additional burden on the students. Our dedicated faculty supports students through their exams, enabling them to earn dual degrees from both the University of London and the School of Open Learning.

The educational prowess of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of London (UOL) is recognized equivalently by prestigious Indian universities including Delhi, Calcutta, and Punjab. ISBF graduates have successfully cleared challenging postgraduate entrance exams and completed esteemed Master’s and MBA programs at institutions like IIM Shillong, IIM Rohtak, ISB, DSE, XLRI, and MSE, leveraging their robust educational foundation.

ISBF boasts a diverse array of clubs and societies including MUN clubs, dance societies, entrepreneurial clubs, and even a billiards club. These activities encourage students to become well-rounded individuals by balancing club participation with their academic responsibilities. Clubs like the entrepreneurship and internship clubs provide a pathway to both academic and co-curricular excellence, preparing students for future challenges.

All ISBF students are registered as University of London students, joining a vast international student body and gaining access to UOL’s extensive learning resources, including its comprehensive Online Library. They receive a globally recognized University of London degree/diploma at the annual London convocation and enjoy lifelong UOL alumni benefits.

For BSc Hons in Economics, Economics and Finance, and Data Science & Business Analytics, students must have studied mathematics up to Class 12. For BSc Hons in Economics & Management, Accounting & Finance, and Business & Management, mathematics up to Class 10 is required.

Since 2009, ISBF has been an Affiliate Centre of UOL, with all academic directives for the programmes provided by The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE).

Prospective students must complete the online application form, pass the ISBF entrance test, and succeed in a personal interview.

Candidates who have achieved a composite SAT score of 1280 or more, CUET with at least a 90th percentile, or IP MAT with at least 85% are exempt from the iMET test.

Yes, ISBF offers a variety of scholarships based on merit, financial need, special provisions for women, and extracurricular achievements, offering up to 50% off on tuition fees.

At ISBF, we believe that excellence in any field enhances potential in all areas. Admissions are offered under the ECA/CCA/Sports Category for LSE undergraduate programs, recognizing and fostering talent across a wide range of activities. Students with valid certifications in their chosen category are exempt from the entrance test and are directly shortlisted for the personal interview.