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Fees & Funding

Every ISBF student is a de facto full-fledged student of the University of London (UOL), and must therefore pay a fee to both ISBF and UOL for the duration of the programme. Funding is available for all students in the form of scholarships, bursaries and academic prizes, as well as through education loans.


The total fee for all Graduate Diploma programmes at ISBF is approx. INR 7.75 Lakh. This covers the University of London’s registration, application and examination fees, and ISBF’s admission and tuition fees, as well as applicable taxes. Click here for the detailed fee structure and refund policy.

There is an additional fee for accommodation in the ISBF hostel. Click here for the details of the same. Living expenses and cost of travel is not a part of the total fee at the undergraduate programmes are not covered by these fees.

Funding – Scholarships

Scholarships are offered for the year of study at ISBF. Details of the scholarships available from ISBF, LSE and UOL are given below.

ISBF Scholarship: This is available at the time of admission, It comprises a waiver of up to 100% of the ISBF Tuition fees.  It is awarded on the basis of merit and financial need, measured by the candidate’s performance in the iGDET and PI, as well as need.

Click here to download the ISBF Scholarship Application Form.

Only candidates who hold an offer of admission will be eligible to apply for this scholarship. Since the scholarship application deadline is generally quite soon after the admission decision notification date, candidates are advised to keep their scholarship applications ready in advance.

ISBF Bursary

This is a fee waiver awarded to incoming students purely on the basis of financial need.

Letter of Commendation: A Letter of Commendation is awarded by University of London to a degree student who attempts at least three full courses, and scores at least 70% in each examination.

Funding – Education Loan

Students who successfully receive an offer of admission for a Graduate Diploma programme at ISBF may apply for a loan to fund their studies, with either of the following funding partners:

IDFC First Bank  – to learn more about the bank’s education loan offering, click  here.

Credenc  – to learn more and to use Credenc’s Education Loan Eligibility Calculator, click here.

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