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Co-Curricular Activities

Following LSE's motto, rerum cognoscere causas, the learning methodology at ISBF is highly discussion-based and application-oriented. Students are consistently encouraged to ask questions and become independent learners. While the classroom sessions uphold this spirit, there are various other co-curricular activities in the form of training sessions and workshops that students participate in to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and communication abilities.

Software Training

In a world that is reaping the benefits of data-driven policy making, ISBF believes in equipping its students with tools that allow them to clean and analyse data, and use results from these processes to make prudent choices. The most important step in this direction is software training. An initiative that started with providing training in Microsoft Excel to equip students with the industry-skills has grown in line with the dynamic and growing needs of the sector.

In 2018, ISBF conducted its first STATA workshop, spanning 4 full days. With learnings from this initiative in mind, a course was developed to meet the specific needs of an LSE curriculum and was delivered in classes running through the academic year 2019-20. In addition to STATA, ISBF conducted sessions on Python language, which is being widely adopted by companies as well as invited industry experts for a course on financial modelling.


iLearn is the ISBF's initiative at supporting the challenging transition to an LSE learning experience from first-year students' existing educational backgrounds, which in our experience has more often than not proven to be a difficult rite of passage.

Comprising the following activities spread out over a 10-week span, iLearn attempts to make the learning journey meaningful and exciting by bringing alive aspects of it that are often taken for granted or left too late in the year to grapple with.

Week 1  Expectations of, and as a Student studying the LSE curriculum
Week 2 Getting Organised
Week 3  Honing notes, and note taking styles
Week 4 Group work and discussion
Week 5 Approaching and understanding Examinations and Assessments (Quant) 
Week 6 Approaching and understanding Examinations and Assessments (Qual) 
Week 7 Approaching Academic Reading & Plagiarism 
Week 8 Cultivating Learning Styles/ Reflection 
Week 9 Programme Regulations
Week 10 Identifying Barriers to success  

Bombay Stock Exchange Bootcamp

The BSE Boot camp is a flagship event of its kind held every year, where the University of London (UOL) in partnership with the London School of Economics and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), organises a two-three-day event at the BSE.

The London School of Economics shortlists students from ISBF applying for this event through a rigorous selection process This endeavour enables students to gather significant insights on trends underlying global capital markets, techniques for valuing stocks, financial instruments, and methods for trading in securities.

Under the experiential learning methodology, the BSE Institute Ltd provided students with on-site training consisting of lectures and practical value-based assignments. The themes ranged from theoretical lessons, including economic policies and its implications on industry/ company prospects, exposure to fundamental and technical analysis, valuation of stocks and ending with investing, trading in securities. This forum provided a thrilling experience in terms of students acquiring valuable knowledge on portfolio diversification and management. Last, but not the least, it is worth mentioning that such interventions enable students to enhance their knowledge level and harness skill sets required for advancing their career progression.

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