Postgraduate Programmes

The 1 year Graduate Diploma programme at ISBF prepares students for some of the most challenging academic courses and professional positions. It is an opportunity to pursue an education under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and earn an international qualification from the University of London (UoL). And it is possible to achieve all this right here in New Delhi, India.

ISBF is an Affiliate Centre for the University of London (UoL). This gives students of the one year Graduate Diploma the opportunity to explore the curriculum and access the study material and virtual learning resources developed by the faculty at the London School of Economics and Political Science in United Kingdom. Examinations are set and evaluated by the educators at LSE, which means that our students achieve the exemplary levels of academic excellence that the institution is associated with.

LSE is ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd among global universities for the Social Sciences and Management by the QS World University Rankings, 2018. The academic rigour and holistic approach to problem-solving that an LSE education imparts, enable our students to understand the level of academic discourse at international universities.

The educational methodology followed at ISBF is unique in its approach. Students of the one year Graduate Diploma programmes are encouraged to actively debate and discuss topics rather than simply accepting what is taught. They develop an in‐depth theoretical and practical understanding of their discipline that enables them to successfully handle academic and professional challenges.

ISBF is committed to helping students start their careers at some of the most prestigious firms in the industry. With campus placements and internships in India, and international internships in London and New York, ISBF students pursuing one year diploma courses after graduation have the right guidance and assistance to pursue their career aspirations.

Future Prospects

The 1 year Diploma courses that students pursue after graduation offer a wide range of opportunities at the end of the year. Our students take up international internships in London and New York, or placement opportunities within India in some of the most reputed firms in the industry. Some students go on to pursue Masters degrees at prestigious universities in both India and abroad.

Graduate Diploma Courses

ISBF provides 1 year Graduate Diploma courses in Economics, Finance and Management. Explore each discipline to learn why you should consider it, contents of the course, and what’s in store after you successfully complete the course.

Graduate Diploma in Economics

This programme takes you beyond what you would have learned in an Economics Hons course. You learn to critically analyse economies and policies. You also sharpen your skills in empirical analysis and research. The course imparts you with the kind of academic discipline that is demanded by most reputed international universities.


Graduate Diploma in Finance

This is an ideal programme for students aspiring to pursue a challenging career in financial services. The curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of financial principles, investment markets, asset pricing, risk management and the quantitative methodologies prevalent in the industry.


Graduate Diploma in Management

This programme provides a thorough grounding in core management principles. Emphasis is placed upon learning to apply theoretical knowledge for devising creative solutions to business challenges. Students acquire a multi-dimensional skill set that prepares them for managing operations at MNCs as well as charting an entrepreneurial course.


Graduate Diploma in Data Science

The Graduate Diploma in Data Science (1-year), with all academic direction from the London School of Economics, aims to prepare graduates for a career as a data scientist, in the corporate sector, for entrepreneurship, public policy or even academia. While focusing on the core statistical, quantitative and computing skills required in these careers, this Data Science course also arms students with business domain knowledge so they can add value as data scientists.


Note: Courses and qualifications which we refer to as “graduate” and “postgraduate” in India, are referred to as “undergraduate” and “graduate”, respectively, in the UK. The terminology of all postgraduate courses at ISBF conforms exactly to what is used by University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the UK. Therefore, ISBF’s postgraduate diploma courses are termed as “Graduate” Diplomas, rather than as “Postgraduate” Diplomas. As in the UK, only students who have completed an undergraduate degree are eligible to pursue the Graduate Diploma courses.

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